dominican chimichurri (dominican burger)


remember back in july when i made argentinian chimichurri sauce? in that post i mentioned that the only chimichurri i knew of was the dominican sandwich. well, i finally made the dominican chimi at home.  the chimichurri is the dominican version of a burger.  it shares the namewith the argentinean sauce, but that is about it with similarities between the two.  the dominican burger, usually called chimis, is usually sold by food trucks or stands. 

i must confess that i have never actually had a chimi in the dominican republic; the only chimis i have tasted have been in washington heights, new york city.  the main reason why i never had street chimis in the dr was because my mom did not like us eating food from street vendors.  this was understandable since the dr still has problems with getting clean and safe drinking water so street food was always risky.  what she didn’t know was that every time our uncle (dad’s oldest brother)visited from ny he would buy us street food and we never said no. we never had chimis with him but did have corn, peanut brittle, coconut water and ice cream. my brother and i loved whenever our uncle would visit because it meant we got to eat street food without our mom knowing.  this went on for a while until one day the five of us (mom, dad, bro, uncle & josie) were sitting in the porch and a street vendor selling boiled corn walked by. the vendor knew my uncle and immediately came to our house to give us the corn.  my brother and i looked at each other and then stared at the floor.  our mom, who had no idea we’ve been eating this for so long, proudly said “oh no, not for us; the kids don’t eat street food”.  my uncle was in shock, he had been buying us food all week long and couldn’t believe what my mom was saying.  he started laughing uncontrollably while my brother and i tried to remain very still so they wouldn’t notice we were sitting there. but they noticed. my mom was disappointed but ended up laughing at this while we all ate our corn. 

to this day we still laugh about it.  last year my brother and i went home for a sad occasion and my mom, uncle and i were sitting under a tree enjoying the breeze when a coconut salesman came by.  my uncle looked at my mom and i and then started laughing.  we kept laughing while we drank our coconut water; this was one of the few honest laughs that week.  see mom… street food is not all bad after all!

here is the recipe for dominican chimichurris!

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